Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Ramblings

wow! its been a while since I posted anything
and that last one was quite the post!
if you didn't read it, please do.

i've been learning about myself a lot.
I think... I don't know haha.
Some good but some bad too.
I am learning that running
from my fears don't make them go away
but they make them worse,
They control you.
When you face them,
you don't let them control your life.
That's what i am trying to do now.

another thing i've realized.
Don't start talking to me about
my opinion of the present church.
call it a Pandora's box.
if you want to be daring,
lets skype, or have coffee or something.

Also, I've read Blue like Jazz.
I highly recommend it! love it!

I have started classes
so hopefully they will be awesome :)
I am already learning alot! :)

thanks for reading my ramblings!

Amy <3
More to come!